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Anonymous asked:

plz kindly remove my pic from the site else i am goin to file a case of defamation n misuse if its not remove within 24hrs from now!

U need to tell me which pic is urs. And I have already mentioned that pics can be removed if you ask me to. No need to threaten will silly defamation drama. If your pic is here then it means I got it from the internet. So you shouldn’t put ur pics if you don’t want them to be seen. You must have put them somewhere or given to someone who gave them to me. If you are so concerned with defamation then don’t uploaded or distribute such pics na. Anyways, tell me which one is urs and they’ll be removed.

Sorry For The Disappearing Act!!!

hey all my lovely followers… sorry for the disappearing act… but I’m back with a new season and new pics… you see, sometimes I need to go live the fabulous life I have… anyways… two things I wants to say here…

In your submissions, please do NOT send close ups of your dicks… in case you haven’t noticed I don’t post them here… I need a body with the dick… take a full body pic and cover the face in photoshop or paint if you are shy… please… NO DICK CLOSE-UPS

Second: PORN… if anyone is interested in making a porn video in mumbai, I have a boy who would love to co-star with you… there would be no money involved, but just a fun video meant to be viewed by only the participants or, if they are ok with it, the world… email me at if interested with face pic. non nude face pics will do perfectly… if you want, in the porn video you may even wear a mask to hide your face… but again… slim, fit, cute, smooth guys only…

we have enough hairy/chubby indian guys all over the net…


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